Underwriting Agencies of New Zealand (UANZ) understands the importance of protecting your assets and provides insurance solutions to safeguard your mobile plant and machinery.

About Us

UANZ forms part of the greater UAA Group and with more than 30 years’ experience prides itself on innovative insurance solutions for the mobile plant industry globally. Our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our client base which are built on mutual respect and reliability.

The UANZ Claims team has extensive experience in managing claims. With access to a network of excellent industry service suppliers across Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia and the regions Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea, our national and international branches are well-serviced.

Our tailored product, Industrial Special Plant (ISP), combines seven cover sections within one comprehensive insurance package.

For more information on UANZ’s Industrial Special Plant product please read the ISP product page or contact your insurance broker or agent.

Outstanding service

We endeavour to ensure all our clients benefit from UANZ’s:

  • lnnovative product
  • Specialist product knowledge
  • Prompt claims handling

Company Founded


UANZ becomes an Underwriting Agency


UANZ Transitioned from Private Ownership to become a subsidiary of the QBE Insurance Group.


UANZ ISP product launched in Chile.


UANZ ISP product launched in Hong Kong.


UANZ launch UANZ business in New Zealand.


UANZ ISP product launched in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.


Steadfast Group Limited acquired ownership of UANZ.


Management team purchase 12% of UANZ.


UANZ launch ISP product in Ecuador.


UANZ launch UAS business in Singapore.


UANZ launch ISP Product in Papua New Guinea.


UANZ launch ISP Product in the Pacific Islands.


UANZ ISP product launched in Argentina and Puerto Rico.

Global Network

All our branch offices provide full sales and underwriting facilities providing local expertise. We use state-of-the-art technology and quality control procedures to ensure an efficient and timely response to client needs.

UANZ’s world class products and expertise has helped facilitate our successful and rapid global expansion into a number of emerging markets. This expansion has added diversified revenue streams as well as utilising the valuable reputation embedded in our business over many years.