MEDIA RELEASE: MECON Insurance joins forces with Underwriting Agencies of Australia


Underwriting Agencies of New Zealand (UANZ) specialises in insurance cover for industrial and commercial plant and equipment, particularly Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance.

Our expertise and professional services are provided by our customer-focused, highly skilled team  who are responsive to client needs. This combined with our state of the art operational systems add significantly to our strengths which include:

What we offer

Unique expertise

Leader in mobile plant and machinery insurance

Claims settlement

High level of experience and authority

Knowledge & Experience

Access to first class repairers and assessors

Market strength

Global annual premiums in excess of A$160m


International track record of reliability

QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

100% Underwritten by the QBE Group New Zealand.

*Please note that ratings can vary from time to time. You can check the current rating by visiting this website.